Finding Foreclosure Properties to Purchase in Orlando, FL

There is a lot of competition when finding foreclosure properties to purchase, but if you know what to look for and how to capture these deals then there’s no stopping you.

finding foreclosure properties

5 Tips You Must Know When Finding Foreclosure Properties

Go Through Traditional Foreclosure Listings

There’s a lot of ways to access local foreclosure data in Orlando, FL. To name a few: there are default notices, bankruptcies tax sales and distressed asset lists online that can help you identify what is happening with homes around the neighborhood. However some drawbacks may be limited or outdated information – so always double check!

Search Publications Used By Lesser Known Lenders

It’s a shame that many of the Orlando publications are indexed and captured online, because every now and then lenders mistakenly only publish in smaller circulation if they think it meets legal requirements. These notices are legally required to be published publicly; these default notices can help you find out about foreclosures as well.

Partner With At Least One Broker

If you’re an investor in Orlando, don’t burn any bridges – especially with the power real estate brokers of this town. These people work with dozens of investors and know exactly who is looking to buy what property! They’ll call those that they know will close the deal without hassles.

If you’ve been off the short list of folks who get calls for investors, it may be difficult to ever find your way back on. There are far too many credible investors looking for great deals and they don’t want to bother with mistakes made by rookies like yourself. Interview a few potential partners and make an effort only give all your business to one person from there!

When you are looking for a broker, make sure they prioritize your best interests. If it becomes necessary to fire them and the situation arises in such as way that their integrity is compromised – do so with dignity but never without thoughtfulness about how this will impact all involved parties.

Help Homeowners Before They Receive a Default Notice

Avoid the competition of other speculators by being one step ahead. Find foreclosures before they hit the market and get a leg up on your competitors with this strategy! Be sure to treat people like human beings, not just a number, when you are working in this business because it is all about integrity.

People facing foreclosure are in very difficult circumstances, which is why we help them negotiate short sales and other complex transactions. Working with integrity earns us amazing referrals when people’s friends or family need similar help!

Partner With Firms Who Specialize in Finding Foreclosure Properties

What if you could buy a property in Orlando that was guaranteed to make money? That’s exactly what we do. We’re focused on building up long-term investors who want credible real estate investments with deep discounts and reasonable returns – all with the help of our exclusive network.

As a member of our VIP Buyers List, you’ll always be the first to know about our newest deals. Sign up now and we won’t let anything slip by without your knowledge – we don’t spam or sell anyone’s information! Visit us online at or give us a call!

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