Landlords: Remember These Effective Maintenance Techniques

The tip of the iceberg is only an indicator. There’s a lot more to landlord paperwork and safety expectations than what you may think!

It can seem like there are just so many things landlords need in order for us manage our properties, but really? It all boils down from one thing: compliance with local rules that protect renters’ rights as well as ours too. Landlords are in charge of making sure their rental properties function smoothly and efficiently But what about all those smaller tasks that might not be on your radar?

Do you know if your tenants are watering the foundation of their home? Or, what are some steps that landlords can take to prevent an ice dam from forming on top of it during winter months. If not- don’t worry! I’m going ahead and giving this as friendly reminder course for all those who may have found themselves forgetting about certain tasks when managing properties over time.

Don’t Forget To Water Your…Foundation?

Sometimes the best maintenance is keeping water on hand. With clay-type soil typical to America’s southern regions (hello, Florida), it becomes easy for your foundation to dry out. In order to combat this contraction, landlords should request their tenants “water” the foundation. This will help prevent damage and ensure that your home stay strong.

A common strategy for preventing soil shrinkage is to grow and water plants around the foundation or attach an outdoor drip irrigation system. Take note where ground meets structure- if there’s a gap between it and your home, extra hydration will help the soil swell and fill in that space.

Check In On The Plumbing

The responsibility for frozen and broken pipes is commonly thought to fall solely upon the tenant, but now a days there are precautions that every landlord can take. Not necessarily, this falls under a gray area as far as most states are concerned and it also depends greatly on what you define in your lease agreement. However keep in mind that by law there is an obligation for landlords to provide tenants with habitable conditions including working plumbing and weatherproofed homes.

Landlords should make sure their properties are at a reasonable temperature in order to prevent any damage from occurring. The best way for the landlord is by asking tenants what they think of certain temperatures and warning them when it gets too cold outside so that there aren’t too many surprises come wintertime.

Pay Close Attention To The Fire Place

House fires can start quickly in an unkempt chimney. The buildup of creosote, which is caused by neglecting maintenance despite repetitive use for a fireplace could make it deadly. Creosote is the residue from burned wood that accumulates in your chimney. It’s made up of moisture, vapors and tar but can be highly flammable if there are too many clumps present for an unchecked buildup leading to possible combustion which could start a fire inside your home.

When the colder weather starts rolling in, have it checked by a licensed chimney sweep. The potential danger that could result from improper maintenance is great and you’ll avoid this ahead of time.

Don’t Neglect Dryer Vents

Lint is a highly flammable substance, and it doesn’t help that there’s constantly next to heat source. Make sure your property dryer-lint trap and vents will prevent one of the leading causes house fires are dangerous natural disasters often cause loss in life. Protect yourself as well as your tenants with regular chimney cleanings.

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