Lesser Known Costs Associated With Rental Property in Orlando

Rental Property in Orlando

One of the best ways to make money is through investing – especially with a rental property in Orlando. If you’re thinking about getting into rental property, don’t worry – it’s not as hard or complicated as some people think! To help get your started on this exciting venture and save time and hassle, we’ve created a list of some costs associated with rental property in Orlando.

Taxes and Fees

You may not be aware that there are a number of taxes associated with your property. These include municipal, school and HOA fees in addition to any potential income tax on the rental income you receive. Since these vary by location it’s hard for us to give an exact amount but make sure this is something you consider when deciding whether or not investing in real estate makes sense for you!


Property ownership can be an investment and you should take great care of it. To protect your asset, make sure to insure the property against fire damage as well as liability in case someone hurts themselves on or near your rental unit. It’s also important for tenants to have insurance coverage so they’re protected from potential loss (such as theft) if something goes wrong with their belongings while they are living there.

Repairs and Upgrades

In order to rent your property, you’ll want it in great condition. This means taking care of the furnace, hot water tank roof and plumbing systems. Maintaining these things can be expensive but will pay off if someone is renting out your place!


One of the hidden costs to owning a rental and dealing with tenants is sifting through potential renters, taking their background checks seriously enough that they don’t end up in your property committing illegal acts. But it doesn’t have to be this way! With an investment into good properties and putting time into finding quality people who want to live there instead of just anyone, you can minimize these risks by going hands off on management tasks.

This might not seem like much at first glance but getting away from those unimportant maintenance responsibilities means more free time for other ventures.

Before you let this list scare you away, remember: every investment has costs. Whether it’s the transaction fees or management fees charged by your stockbroker or mutual fund manager, or whether its these 4 costs associated with rental property in Orlando – what’s important for you to decide is whether the benefits far outweigh the cost.

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