Your Options For Getting Investment Property Financing in Florida

In order to start your investing strategy in Florida, you’re going to need some initial capital. Despite what you may have heard, it actually does take upfront cost to start a REI business.

Many people believe that the first time investor should use their own money, but this usually only works for a limited amount of properties. What are you going to do when all your capital has been spent? You’re faced with the options of either not buying anymore real estate properties or figure out how to secure more properties without using your own money.

Luckily, we know just where you should start.

Traditional Banks and Lender Groups

One way to finance your next investment is by taking out a loan from the bank. If you’re in a situation where your credit is good and there’s enough money for the down payment, then this would be an excellent method of buying more properties. You’ll need to make sure that your credit score is in good shape, so be sure you pay off any debts on time and keep up with the payments regularly. The better your credit report, the more likely you are to get lender support.

At some point, you might find yourself in a position where the bank is no longer willing to lend you money due to your debt-to-income ratio. This will eventually happen, especially if you’re focusing on diversifying as much as possible. So when this does come about, you’ll need to find a separate source of financing.


One way to finance your real estate investing is by borrowing against the value of what you already have. You can avoid the hassle of taking out a loan by borrowing against your properties. This is an easy and affordable way to increase your portfolio. You could, for example, refinance the homes or take out a home equity line of credit in order to gain the assets required for a new property. It’s always important to make sure that your debt servicing payments are not more than the income you earn from new acquisitions.

Private Lenders

Private lending is a great way to finance your real estate investment in Orlando. Private lending is when another investor lends you their money. You pay them back, just like anyone would owe a bank. The key difference between private lenders and traditional is that private lenders typically won’t be looking at your credit score. They’re more concerned with the type of investment, and will determine an amount and interest rate based on the assessment of the property.

This is a powerful and popular type of financing, mostly because it’s win-win. You benefit by getting capital to secure new assets. The lender will also benefit because they will be able to invest in real estate without giving up the time and work required to do so.

Seller Financing

If you are looking for a way to finance your next real estate investment, then seller financing may be just the ticket. It’s not as easy these days with all new regulations but it can still work and provide ample opportunity in this market! Seller financing is a great option for those who need their property but don’t want to pay the full price. Instead, you work with the seller themselves and they will take ongoing payments until all costs are paid off.

This is another win-win financing deal because it’s just so easy. Not only are you getting cash flow without the burden of owning property, but your risk is minimized as well. Those new to the world of real estate investing are often surprised by the ease of this method.

How Will You Be Financing Your Next Investment?

With so many options to choose from, how will you finance your next real estate investment? Choose the best financing strategy for yourself and mix-and-match these four powerful methods! Interested in getting started? Click the link below for a short form to fill out. We would love help you build your investment portfolio.

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